Sunday, April 27, 2003

Cautionary Tales

Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

Co-presented with Pacific Film Archive and the San Francisco International Film Festival

Evoking a sense of contemporary anxiety, these recent films explore narrative and history through fragments, repetition, mood and metaphor. They are films for our times-cautionary tales, concerned with safety, peril and hope. Travis Wilkerson’s National Archive V.1 examines the repetitions of history, while Lewis Klahr’s Daylight Moon and Janie Geiser’s Ultima Thule use collage to suggest the fears of childhood or the anxiety of impending disasters. Jim Jennings’ Megalopolis reveals a claustrophobic New York cityscape, while Julie Murray’s untitled (light) is a memorial to that city. Narrative ellipses are explored in Abraham Ravett’s And Then…– and historical ones in Michael Wilson’s Flora’s Film, while Kerry Laitala’s Out of the Ether examines our bodies’ invisible worlds. Finally, Stan Brakhage’s transcendent Resurrectus Est releases us entirely from the grip of objects, and we let go. (Kathy Geritz and Irina Leimbacher)