Sunday, May 11, 1997

Chantal Akerman's Night and Day

San Francisco Art Institute

Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman is in town with a new piece about her work at the Film Festival, and we are taking this opportunity to screen one of her recent but not often seen features, Night and Day. One of the most prolific, versatile and provocative women working in film today, Akerman began her career in her teens, making what has been hailed as the feminist masterpiece of cinema, Jeanne Dielman …, at the age of 25. With work which crosses and mixes genres of all sorts-experimental, autobiographical, musical, documentary, psychodrama, and more, Akerman never fails to surprise. Night and Day, which might be called one of Akerman’s most conventional-though highly stylized-narratives, is the exuberant story of a threesome in contemporary Paris, told from the point of view of the woman. Ambiguously referred to as a ‘postfeminist romance’, the film is gorgeously shot and profoundly lighthearted. (Programmed by Irina Leimbacher)

Early Evening Experimental, May 11 Sunday 5:30pm
Is This What You Were Born For? (1981-87, 56 min.) by Abigail Child, including Prefaces, Mutiny, Covert Action, Perils, Mayhem, Both and Mercy.