Sunday, October 10, 2010

Charles and Ray Eames

A Powers of Ten Cinema Celebration

McBean Theater (at the Exploratorium)

a co-presentation with the Exploratorium’s Cinema Arts Program in association with Eames Office

In 1968 Ray Eames and her husband, Charles Eames made a nine-minute filmed called Powers of Ten that influenced the way millions of people see the world. This cinematic journey out to the edge of space and time and then back again deep into a carbon atom located in the hand of a man napping at a picnic has inspired artists, educators, scientists and individuals alike. The Eames were arguably the most important and egalitarian American designers of the 20th century and contributed to the fields of education, architecture, design, manufacturing, cinema and photography.

“Take your pleasure seriously” is a famous statement of Charles Eames and we intend to do just that by celebrating Powers of Ten with activities, demonstrations, conversations and, of course, films, exploring the relative scale of things and the philosophy and ideas of Charles and Ray Eames.

(Liz Keim)

Charles & Ray Eames: Powers of Ten (1968), 9 minutes, 16mm