Thursday, March 5, 1998

Christine Tamblyn: Digital Archives: 1976-1998

A Tribute to the Life and Work of Christine Tamblyn

California College of the Arts

Christine Tamblyn, a conceptual and new media artist and influential teacher at San Francisco State from 1986-1994, passed away on New Year’s Day of breast cancer. Her life was her artistic medium in performance, writing and electronic media. This tribute explores her life/art, drawing on her interactive series on women: I Love It, I Love It Not: Women and Technology (with Marjorie Franklin and Paul Tomkins, 1993) and Mistaken Identities (1995) comparing the biographies of ten famous women, followed by a preview from the uncanny Archival Quality, a witty and innovative CD ROM in progress. The program concludes with selections from her video and performance archive and diaries.