Thursday, March 25, 2004

City Slivers and Fresh Kills: The Films of Gordon Matta-Clark

Program 1: Fresh Kills

San Francisco Art Institute

The first of our Matta-Clark programs focuses on early, performative works for which the artist climbed tall trees and hung precariously from nets (Tree Dance), set fire to urban detritus in Brooklyn (Fire Child) and surrendered his beloved truck, Herman Meydag, to the gleeful clang and wreckage of bulldozers (Fresh Kill). Provocative, playful and physically daring, these performance films paved the way for Matta-Clark’s singular mode of deconstruction, evident here in Bingo, for which he divided the exterior façade of a small townhouse in Niagra Falls into nine sections. Rounding out the program is Office Baroque, a revealing documentary of Matta-Clark working on a massive project in Antwerp. Following the films, Jane Crawford-Matta-Clark’s widow and the executor of his estate-will present a slide show, providing a very personal perspective on the artist, his life and work. (Steven Jenkins)