Friday, March 26, 2004

City Slivers and Fresh Kills: The Films of Gordon Matta-Clark

Program 2: City Slivers

San Francisco Art Institute

Five more films that delve deep into Matta-Clark’s obsession with buildings, gaps, cuts, slices…and fish? Indeed, while challenging himself with increasingly ambitious deconstructions both in the U.S and Europe, Matta-Clark donned a chef’s hat and opened Food, which became a popular greasy spoon in downtown Manhattan. The informally observational Food hungers for the possibility of conceptual art through capitalist ventures and secret recipes, while the formally abstract City Slivers seeks privacy in the public sphere of New York City’s sliced, diced streets. Conical Intersect finds Matta-Clark creating a silent “son-et-lumiere” in Paris, while Clockshower finds him as silent film star Harold Lloyd, having a close shave on top of Manhattan’s Clocktower. Day’s End rounds out the program on an appropriately solitary note. Following the films, a panel of architects, artists, filmmakers and curators will discuss Matta-Clark’s films and his legacy as our last action hero. (Steven Jenkins)