Sunday, March 23, 1997

City Symphony

Films by Dominic Angerame

San Francisco Art Institute

Canyon Cinema Director and San Francisco based filmmaker Dominic Angerame premieres In The Course Of Human Events (1997), concluding the cycle of four individual films of his “City Symphony.” This quartet of black and white films represents a decade of Dominic’s work that explores and observes the urban environment in its constant state of change. Since 1969 he has made more than 20 films, and his approach to filmmaking has evolved from casual impressionism, a personal diary style, to the passionate semi-abstraction of recent imagistic work. In all of Dominic’s films there is a painterly delight in the visual mix drawn from the life of the city, one that also reveals political and social underpinnings. Also: Continuum, Deconstruction Sight and Premonition.