Thursday, March 12, 1998

Cocktails in the Garden of Eden: Lilith and Jane Bowles

California College of the Arts

Lynn Sachs’ A Biography of Lilith interweaves mystical texts with interviews and poetry to update the creation myth in this story of the first woman and for some, the first feminist. Lilith’s betrayal and vow of revenge is recast as a modern tale with present-day Lilith musing on a life that has included giving up a baby and work as a bar dancer. Writer Jane Bowles is the subject of Lana Lin’s Almost the Cocktail Hour which uses fact, fantasy and fiction to depict a woman whose urge to write is crippled by self-doubt and whose lesbian affairs and bohemian life with her husband Paul gained her a cult following. Bowles is seen through the eyes of a woman whose search for her grave transforms into a search for self-definition.