Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Rays: Science Fiction & the Avant-Garde

Ed & Peter Emshwiller

Roxie Theater

Ed Emshwiller won five Hugo awards for his science fiction magazine covers and involved notable science fiction authors in his moving image work. Carol is a short portrait of Emshwiller’s wife, an award-winning science fiction writer. Image, Flesh and Voice, a feature-length experimental work, weaves together conversations by New Wave science fiction authors, including Damon Knight, Harlan Ellison, Keith Laumer, Gordon Dickson, James Blish and many others talking about society, politics and philosophy with carefully shot near-abstract monochrome images; Shot by the Emshwillers’ then-11-year-old son Peter, Jr. Star Trek is an all-kid remake of the legendary TV show-complete with Ed himself as an alien monster. (Ed Halter)

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