Saturday, March 27, 1999

Crossover Pix: Artists and Films

San Francisco Art Institute

Artists working with film and video as well as film/ video artists examining other disciplines are the subject of this series. This second program will feature a twenty-plus year selection of work by San Francisco artist Paul Kos: Riley Roily River, Lightning, Sympathetic Vibrations, Brieftauben, and La Vache. In Gordon Matta Clark’s stately Conical Intersect, we glimpse the artist’s slices into an ancient Parisian building. In 1924 Fernand Léger, Man Ray, and cinematographer Dudley Murphy collaborated on the early classic of manipulated film Ballet mécanique.—presented here as originally intended with George Antheil’s powerful “industrial” music. Peter Kubelka makes an abstract homage to the work of a painter colleague in Arnulf Rainer. Finally, Los Angeles artist John Baldessari tweaks us with his Ice Cubes Sliding, New York City Post Card, and Blackout. (CB)