Sunday, November 8, 1998

Crossover Pix

Artists Make Films

San Francisco Art Institute

With this first show in a revealing new series, Cinematheque highlights film and video as our century’s great media for experiment and collaboration among artists in other disciplines. John Cage’s prepared piano music subtly plays off Herbert Matter’s magical images of Alexander Calder in his studio in Works of Calder (1950); Merce Cunningham and Charles Atlas make us smile with their romp through The Blue Studio (1975); Anais Nin speaks and acts out her own text in Bells of Atlantis (1952), with haunting color and montage by Len Lye and Ian Hugo; Gordon Matta-Clark directs our gaze through his colossal Parisian building-sculpture, Conical Interesect (1975); Robert Rauschenberg’s Canoe (1966) takes us back to the rich roots of performance and crossover artist-collaboration; and Lazlo Maholy-Nagy’s Berlin Still Life (1962) casts his Bauhaus-eye on the streets of twenties Berlin.” (Charles Boone)