Saturday, April 17, 2010

CROSSROADS: Crooked Beauty

Ken Paul Rosenthal in-person

Victoria Theatre

Co-Sponsored by The Icarus Project
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The world premiere of Ken Paul Rosenthal‘s long-awaited Crooked Beauty, a poetic documentary that explores positive and compassionate models for transforming the experience of madness in our culture.

“Birds with perfectly symmetrical feathers cannot fly.” –Ashley McNamara

An artist/writer challenges Western stereotypes of madness by transforming her experiences with psychiatric institutions and mood-altering medications into innovative mental health activism and creative expression. Crooked Beauty reshapes perspectives on the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness by presenting madness as a tool of insight and integration for individuals who openly struggle with their mental health, and anyone who might feel “crazy” in today’s chaotic world. Ashley’s poignant and revealing testimonials reach beyond the stereotypes of mental health problems to suggest that extreme sadness and sensitivity is not an illness, but a part of human experience to be explored with creativity and compassion. Thematically progressive and formally beautiful, Crooked Beauty establishes a common ground from outside the mainstream through a story of personal transformation, courage, and empowerment.

Preceded by Rosenthal’s short film Near Windows.