Thursday, May 12, 2011


Opening Night: Radical Light: Cinematheque at 50

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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curated by Steve Anker and Steve Polta
Thursday, May 12 at 7pm
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
151 Third Street

CROSSROADS opens with a conclusion to Radical Light, a screening series presented jointly by Cinematheque and Pacific Film Archive from Fall 2010 – Spring 2011. Radical Light, which coincided with the PFA’s publication of the same name, celebrates the rich and varied history of experimental film and alternative film and video in the Bay area, from 1945-2000. This opening screening of Cinematheque’s festival celebrates this history, and marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of Cinematheque founder Bruce Baillie’s first-ever film screening, a screening which led directly to the present-day institutions San Francisco Cinematheque and Canyon Cinema. This screening highlights lesser-known avant-garde gems from this proud history.

SCREENING: Tung (1966) by Bruce Baillie; The White Rose (1967) by Bruce Conner; Trekkerriff (1984/2011) (*world premiere*) by Will Hindle; Remembrance Time (1998) by Minsu Yang; Archimedes‚ Screw (1996) by Scott Stark; Chinatown Sketch (1998) by Timoleon Wilkins; Me & Bruce & Art (1966) by Ben Van Meter; Flight (1997) by Greta Snider; Time Being (1991) by Gunvor Nelson; Savings the Proof (1979) by Karen Holmes