Saturday, May 14, 2011


Two Roads Diverged

Victoria Theatre

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CROSSROADS, Program 5: Two Roads Diverged
curated by Jonathan Marlow
Saturday, May 14 at 2:30pm
Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street at Mission

“Two roads ran apart into the woods and sadly I could not travel both, even if I could. Down I looked, where one bent, and then the other, suitably straight and more ideal, perhaps, because it was grass-like and desired wear. It exceeded the interests there. Both carried the mornings evenly, stepped into the sheets of black where I regarded another day! Nevertheless, being able, one way leads away and I doubted if I would return at all. I explain this with relief, therefore, in time. Two roads ran apart into the woods and I took that rarely traveled path and differentiated between complete.” (Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken, translated from English to German and back again)

SCREENING: Conjuror’s Box (2010) by Kerry Laitala; Beyond Enchantment (2010) by Lawrence Jordan; Heliotropes (2010) by Michael Langan; Posthaste Perennial Pattern (2010) by Jodie Mack; Perchance (2008) by Caryn Cline; February 2008 & June 1967 (2010) by Mark Toscano; Place for Landing (2010) by Shambhavi Kaul; A Thousand Julys (2010) by Lewis Klahr; Solar Sight (2011) by Lawrence Jordan; Alpsee (1994) by Matthias Muller