Sunday, April 18, 2010

CROSSROADS: Shorts Program III

Victoria Theatre

Curated by Vanessa O’Neill.
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The final short film program of the festival:

Ann STEUERNAGEL: Charades (2009) 7min.
Charles CHADWICK: The Circle to Vanish (2009) 7.5 min.
Coleen FITZGIBBON: FM/TRCS (1974) 11min.
Jennifer REEVES: Trains are for Dreaming (2009) 7 min.
Michael WALSH: Ascent (2009) 23 min.
Barbara STERNBERG: Once (2007) 4.5 min.
Barbara STERNBERG: Time Being (2007) 8 min.
Peter ROSE: Journey to Q’xtlan (2009) 7.5 min.
Christina MCPHEE: Tesserae White Cloud (2009) 3.5 min.