Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cult of the Kuchars: "Secession from the Broadcast: The Internet and the Crisis of Social Control"

Co-presented with Pacific Film Archive

Pacific Film Archive

Lecture by Gene Youngblood

Free Admission

“Gene Youngblood had a pioneering influence on the alternative media movement as a columnist for the great Los Angeles Free Press,” David Barsamian of Alternative Radio has commented. “He had deep and early insight into how culture is manufactured and how politics is interwoven with all facets of our existence. He illuminated the organic connection between art and political culture—in other words, life itself.” In this program, Gene Youngblood will discuss media democracy: “There exists in America today an alternative media environment that surpasses the wildest utopian dreams of twentieth-century media activism. It presents the possibility of the communication revolution that is essential if we are to create on the same scale as we can destroy. It enables the ultimate act of civil disobedience: leaving the culture without leaving the country. It holds the possibility of radical resocialization on a global scale and is a mortal threat to social control as we know it. This lecture is about what is at stake in the epic struggle for control of the Internet, and what we must do to release its revolutionary potential.” Prior to the lecture, a short clip from an in-progress documentary on Gene Youngblood will be screened (Bryan Konesfky, U.S., 22 mins, Color).

(80 mins followed by question and answer session)