Sunday, November 23, 1997

Cultural Saboteurs: Laibach & Negativland

Benson's Predictions of Fire & Baldwin's Sonic Outlaws

San Francisco Art Institute

Former New York Times and Rolling Stone journalist Michael Benson’s Predictions of Fire focuses on the controversial rock group Laibach, the most successful East European pop cultural export of the 80’s and 90’s. Benson’s multi-layered film encompasses the history of European totalitarianism with special emphasis placed on the role of art. “If the idea of rock-fueled cultural revolution has been consigned to the museum, the news has yet to reach these purveyors of spectacularly deadpan fascist Stalinist techno-pop.” (J. Hoberman) Craig Baldwin’s Sonic Outlaws (1995) “sets up an energized discursive platform where issues of private and public ownership of media may play themselves out. (CB) “Other art is just more raw material to us and to many, many others we could point to. When it comes to cultural influences, ownership is the point of fools.” (Negativland PR)