Thursday, December 6, 1990

Daniel Barnett’s Endless

San Francisco Art Institute

“Music, the mother of meaning.” (D.B.) Daniel Barnett returns to the Cinematheque with the world premiere of his first completed film since 1981, Endless (1990, 45 min., b&w, silent at 18 f.p.s.). Barnett is one of independent cinema’s true originals, whose more than twenty films produced between the 1960s and early 1980s (The Steel Chick’n, White Heart, The Chinese Typewriter, etc. ) blended a visceral use of sounds and images with a tenacious inquisitiveness into film form.and film language. Endless forms the third in a trilogy of richly visual and concentrated films begun more than a decade ago (with Dead End, Dead End and Untoward Ends, all three of which will be shown in a future Cinematheque screening). Also: Barnett’s The Ogre (1970, 10 min.).

pictured: Endless (1990) by Daniel Barnett