Sunday, October 3, 2004

Dialogues in the Dark

Program 4: High Definition, New Work by Jon Jost

California College of the Arts

Co-presented with Film Arts Foundation

Long a pioneer of personal filmmaking, for nearly four decades Jon Jost has produced a diverse and powerful body of works recognized for their formal beauty and narrative innovation as well as astute and scathing political critiques. Since the mid-90s, Jost has been a controversial advocate for digital cinema, producing works exploring the aesthetics of this younger medium. A handful of recent short works-Dharma Do as Dharma Does, Vera x 3, Tanti Auguri, and A View of Mount Baker from Port Angeles, Washington (for Hokusai)-will be screened and discussed alongside the masterfully visual works of Peter Hutton (Landscape (for Manon)), Nathaniel Dorsky (Alaya) and Leighton Pierce (Wood). Also screening: a single-channel excerpt of Jost’s seven-channel installation work Trinity. (Steve Polta)