Saturday, October 20, 1990

Disputed Identities

Program One

Eye Gallery (now closed)

Disputed Identities is a survey of media works by multi-cultural artists from Great Britain and the United States presented with San Francisco Camerawork. Emphasizing conceptual, “constructed images”, this exhibition addresses issues confronting those asserting themselves as individuals free from society’s prejudices; especially those who by reason of ethnicity unavoidably assume “disputed identities”. Presented and curated by Portia Cobb: Affirmation by Marlon Riggs; All Orientals Look Alike by Valerie Soe; Buckwheat: The Dinner Hour by Alfonso Moret; Measures of Distance by Mona Hatoum; My Mother Thought She Was Audrey Hepburn by Sharon Jue; and Territories by Isaac Julien. (Total: 76 min.)