Saturday, November 17, 1990

Disrupted Identities

Program Two

Eye Gallery (now closed)

Tonight’s second Disputed Identities program continues a survey of moving image works by British and American artists of color whose works challenge roles and identities assigned to them by the dominant culture. To quote British photographer David A. Bailey,
“A constant repositioning of identities and agendas within a par-ticular cultural terrain is needed…For we are no longer the simple-minded classifiable subjects people thought we were, but a multifaceted, complex set of human beings who will continue to work within complex forms.” Curated and presented by videomaker Portia Cobb, titles include: Coffee Coloured Children by Ngozi A. Onwurah, Dreaming Rivers by Martina Atille, Hairpiece: A Film for Nappy-Headed People by Ayoka Chenzira, New Year by Valerie Soe, and One Drop Rule by Malaika Williams. Co-sponsored by San Francisco Camerawork.

pictured: Dreaming Rivers (1988) by Martina Attille