Thursday, March 13, 1997

Early Animation from the Silent Era

San Francisco Art Institute

Animation is usually overlooked when considering films from the first part of the century, but many are remarkably fresh by today’s standards. This program presents several rarely seen gems which delight in film’s new-found ability to bring still images to animated life. Films include Drame Chez les Fantoces (1908) and The Man In the Moon (1909) by Emil Cohl, Princess Nicotine (1909) by J. Stuart Blackton, How A Mosquito Operates (1916) and The Pet (1917) by Winsor McCay, Down Where the Limburger Blows (1917) featuring the Katzenjammer Kids, Max und Moritz (ca. 1920) from Wilhelm Busch, Adam Raises Cain (1920) by Tony Sarg, The Voice of the Nightingale (1923) by Ladjslas Starevitch, The Fortune Teller (1923, hand-tinted) by Max Fleischer, Sure-locked Homes (1926) by Otto Mesmer and others.

Early Evening Experimental
March 16 Sunday 5:30PM
Free Admission

Regular 8mm films: Ivan’s Scarf (1965), Note One (1968) and Note To Pati (1969) by Saul Levine, The Web (1974) by Marjorie Keller, Matrice (1974) by Daniel Eisenberg, Splitting You Splitting Me Still (1988) by Scott Stark, Diary Footage (1996-7) by Greg Pierce and Rhesus Monkey Peanut Butter Cups (1994) by Michael Johnsen.