Sunday, April 21, 1996

Early Evening Experimental

Free Films At 5:30

San Francisco Art Institute

Here’s your chance to see some of the best classic and recent avant-garde films. All programs free before our regular Sunday evening shows. Organized by Eduardo Morrell and Mark Wilson.

April 21Receiving Sally and Each Evening by Erin Sax; Valentin De Las Sierras by Bruce Baillie; My Name Is Oona by Gunvor Nelson; In The Month Of Crickets by Lewis Klahr.
April 28Adynata by Leslie Thornton; Exact Fantasy: a film about media correspondence and bringing the stars down to earth by Laura Poitras.
May 5Nostalgia by Hollis Frampton; Plumb Line (1968-72) by Carolee Schneemann.
May 12Frame Line (1984), Field Study #2 (1988) and Natural Features (1990) by Gunvor Nelson.
May 26Songs 24, 25 (1967), 26 (1968), 28, 29, and American Thirties Song (1969) by Stan Brakhage, all shown in original regular 8mm.
June 2Song 27, My Mountain (1968), Song 27 (Part II) Rivers (1969) by Stan Brakhage, both shown in in original 8mm format.