Thursday, April 4, 2002

Energy and Deep Abstraction

The Graphic Cinema of Fred Worden

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

The films of Fred Worden are inspired by and continue a lineage of filmmaking activity suggested by the work of Len Lye and Hans Richter, a tradition of graphic filmmaking “where not just representation but naturalism itself has been happily jettisoned. Energy and deep abstraction are the primordial elements of this stripped-bare world.” The five films on this program, each a minimal composition of light and dark modulated through the rhythms of projection, Worden’s One being an extended exploration of a single abstract film frame interactions between screen and viewer while hinting at the infinite experiences potentially gleaned from the most modest of materials. Lye’s Free Radicals and Richter’s Rythmus 21 will be presented by Worden in the context of his own recent work: One, Automatic Writing 2 and The Or Cloud. (Steve Polta)