Saturday, June 23, 1990

Erika Suderberg/Julie Murray

Eye Gallery (now closed)

Both makers will be present

Los Angeles videomaker Erika Suderburg and San Francisco filmmaker Julie Murray probe history, violence, and popular images in densely ambiguous and enigmatic works. Each will be making their first Cinematheque appearance. Suderberg’s Displayed Termination: The Interval Between Deaths (1988) compiles fragmented stories to explore the displaced impacts of war, memory and loss, moving back and forth between WWII Germany, Vietnam, and the American Southwest. Tape/Bernadette Devlin (1981) is an anti-memorial to Ireland’s pre-eminent activist; and Trick Performed/Dance Interface (1989) presents a self-destructive dance solo. Murray’s Tr’cheot’my P’sy — Parts I & II (1988 & 1990) and Fuck Face (1986) cull found and re-photographed images from pornography, newscasts and other sources into an aggressive array of “miniature almost instantaneous fictions.” Mixing footage from out-dated Irish travel films and music by John McCormack, Expulsion (1989) probes histories of violence both localizable and global. Also a short work in progress.

pictured: Fuck Face (1986) by Julie Murray