Friday, October 12, 1990

Eye For I

Video Self-Portraits - Program One

Eye Gallery (now closed)

Cinematheque, New American Makers, and the Oakland Museum will present several evenings of video which examine the medium’s relationship to the self-portrait. Curated by Raymond Bellour for the Whitney Museum, this exhibition features American and European artists who fashion their own portraits while rethinking notions of the self-portrait itself. Program I includes: Vito Acconci’s One Minute Memories (1971-74/89, premiere); Peter Campus’ Three Transitions (1973); Joan Jonas’ Vertical Roll (1972); Ulrike Rosenbach’s Don’t Believe I Am an Amazon (1975); Bill Viola’s The Space Between the Teeth (1976); and Hyaloïde (1985), by Daniels and Jacques-Louis Nyst. (Total: 95 min.)