Sunday, May 29, 1994


The Films of Andy Warhol, Part II - Program II

New Langton Arts

EMPIRE (1964)

“I have in mind an image of a film I’ve never seen,” wrote critic Paul Arthur, referring to Warhol’s stupendously perverse Empire. Now you can see this long-dormant conceptual behemoth in its unexpurgated 8 hour and 5 minute enormity. Shot from night to morning on July 25, 1964, Empire presents an uninterrupted, static camera view of the Empire State Building in all its mute, rigid grandeur. While Warhol pushed the limits of duration in most of his silent films from the 1960s, Empire—the last of the Warhol silents—is in a class by itself. Bring a blanket and pillows and join us for this landmark event. Co-sponsored with Pacific Film Archive and New Langton Arts.