Sunday, June 12, 1994


The Films of Andy Warhol, Part II - Program IV

San Francisco Art Institute

Special Time and Admission: Two Shows: 7:00 and 9:15

BIKE BOY (1967-68)

Motorcyclist Joe Spencer is the protagonist and object of desire in this roguish sex comedy. Yet another portrait, Bike Boy depicts a young, working-class “bikie” who is decidedly out of his element in the sophisticated world of Warhol and his superstar friends (Viva, Ingrid Superstar, Brigid Polk and Ed Weiner). “One of the most liberating experiences of my life was seeing Bike Boy … Viva was in a bathtub with a man, telling him if he wanted to make plastic sculptures he should just do it and shut up about it. As I watched this film I thought: ‘That’s for me.’ ” (Gary Indiana) Co-sponsored with 18th International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.