Friday, September 5, 1997

Familia y Pasión

co-sponsored by Proyecto ContraSIDA por VIDA and Cine Acción

2963 16th Street @ Mission

Five revolutionary films about family and passion. Pretty Vacant by Jim Mendiola tells the tale of two cultures, a sassy and sabrosa cinema-novela about a punk-rocking Chicana whose guitars, gigs, and zines keep interfering with la familia’s annual pilgrimage to Mexico. One Hundred Eggs a Minute by Anita Chang beautifully explores the struggle between values of self-sacrifice and the pursuit of happiness for a second-generation Chinese American woman. Tick Tock Bio Clock by Lexi Leban and Julie X. Black is a frenzied and humorous panic attack about the ticking away of one woman’s biological clock. O Happy Day by Charles Lofton uses images of late 60s and early 70s films to re-assess the erotic elements of the Black Power movement and the revolutionary moments of the gay movement. Plus a special surprise bonus film. Reception to follow the screening!