Sunday, June 8, 2003

Fear of Flying

Living in a Surveilled World

San Francisco Art Institute

We now live in fear: fear of flying, fear of falling, fear of moving across uncertain ground. We compartmentalize our fear, allowing ourselves to be surveilled, giving up pieces of our private selves in exchange for a promise of security. We inhabit a new American landscape that looks the same but seems riddled with hidden scars. Tonight’s program features a range of work exploring flight, fear, surveillance and landscape, including three premieres by local filmmakers: Bruce Landick’s darkly mysterious Deed Without a Name, David Sherman’s anxiety-laced The Graceless and Konrad Steiner’s bleakly compelling landscape study, be tw. Also included: Flight by Greta Snider, Skyworks, Wind & Fire by Le Ann Bartok Wilchusky, Triumph of Victory by Rodney Ascher, Hong Kong (HKG) by Gerard Holthuis, G by Rolf Gibbs, Airports for Lights, Shadows and Particles by Scott Arford and The Geosophist’s Tears by Peter Rose. (Scott Stark)