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CROSSROADS 2015 Touring Program 2

Curated by Steve Polta


…floods the crisis-prone parts of the brain with images of intense and cryptic beauty (Max Goldberg on Sylvia Schedelbauers’ Sea of Vapors). A program of hypnosis, introspection and interior spaces, inner histories and metaphysical wander. Seasons pass, the world turns, light and electrons hum and burn. How far have we come far from the caves?

Highlighted film titles link to preview videos—full previews of all work available on request. Highlighted names link to artists’ websites. original format of all works is digital video unless otherwise noted. Artist bios and full text program notes provided with program package.
NOTE: This program differs slightly from that presented in CROSSROADS 2015.

For inquiries please contact tour@sfcinematheque.org.

OJOBOCA: The Handeye (Bone Ghosts)

The HandEye (Bone Ghosts) (2012) by OJOBOCA (Anja Dornieden & Juan David Gonzalez Monroy); 16mm screened as digital video, b&w, sound, 7 minutes

A hand-made 16mm film which imagines the results of a séance where the writer Robert Musil joins Sigmund Freud in an attempt to commune with the ghost of Franz Anton Mesmer: a distinguished flea hypnotizes the ghost of a distinguished man. (OJOBOCA)

Sylvia Schedelbauer: Sea of Vapors

Sea of Vapors (2014) by Sylvia Schedelbauer; color, sound, 15 minutes

A cascade of images cut frame by frame flow into an allegory of the lunar cycle. (Sylvia Schedelbauer)

Karissa Hahn: Emulsion Electrons Imbued

Emulsion Electrons Imbued (2014) by Karissa Hahn; color, sound, 1 minute

Shot on 16mm, Emulsion Electrons Imbued derives from the artist’s work with cassette-tape recording and spontaneous poetry.

John Powers: The Somber Vault

The Somber Vault (2014) by John Powers; color, silent, 6 minutes

A tripartite formal investigation of symmetry, non-transparency and the illusion of depth in three different time periods and locations. Still images flutter, and plans are thwarted in the execution. The Somber Vault stages a conversation between a set of opaque windows shot in Fultonville, New York, in 2013, resembling stained glass (echoes of The Rothko Chapel) and Rothko’s Seagram Murals—superimposed and edited to the same pre-written score. Michelangelo makes a cameo. (John Powers)

Ben Rivers: Things

Things (2014) by Ben Rivers; 16mm as digital video, color, sound, 21 minutes

…a challenge set by a friend, to make something in my home over the course of the year, organized seasonally. In the “Winter” section the film is very internal and reflective, looking at the details around the house, and back to the things I’ve collected. In “Spring,” the atmosphere brightens, there are humans, hands holding a book or drawing, an eye reading. “Summer” is a mix of both the joy of these things, countered with a sense of unease. “Autumn” then becomes a further remove of representation of the space I live in, and in an uncertain state—are the walls crumbling around me? Is this the future, partly foretold in Fable? (Ben Rivers)

OJOBOCA: Wolkenschatten

Wolkenschatten (Cloud Shadow) by OJOBOCA; double 16mm as digital video, color, sound, 17 minutes

A digital enactment of a two-projector 16mm performance. In 1984, for 3 weeks in May, what appeared to be a giant cloud shrouded the small town of Hüllen-Hüllen in darkness. …One month later, however, the town was hastily abandoned… The search that followed led investigators to a cave [wherein was found] a large projection device. … When it was turned on, it projected a series of images onto every surface of the cave. … Along with the machine a sheet of paper covered in handwritten text was also found. It was titled Wolkenschatten. (OJOBOCA)

Total Program Runtime: 67 minutes
Program Format: Digital Video

Programs are available for single exhibition, multiple screenings or as a three-part series. Variable rates available.

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PLEASE NOTE: CROSSROADS touring programs provide financial compensation to artists—filmmakers receive payment from Cinematheque for each and every screening.

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