Thursday, March 3, 1994

Film and Physical Reality

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Erin Sax (SF) and Ariana Gertsein (Chicago) are two young filmmakers who have made films of exceptional poise and maturity. The films of Erin Sax explore the human body as a vessel for transmitting the frustration and fear of communication, memory and mortality. She will present three recent films —Receiving Sally (1992), Each Evening (1993), and Seven of Worlds (1993)—that form a trilogy examining the progression of time and the poetics of loss. Arianna Gerstein’s sensuous Recovering the Silence of Falling (1994) skillfully collages chemically manipulated, physically altered, and insect-encrusted found footage and original material to create a stunning lyric ballet of sculpted light and rhymed thought.