Thursday, November 13, 1997

Filmmaker As Archeologist: Jay Rosenblatt's Human Remains

California College of the Arts

In Jay Rosenblatt’s Human Remains(1997) the filmmaker, “like an archaeologist, sifts through remains and uncovers intimate details of five infamous men. There is no mention of their public lives or of their place in history–they are presented as people. Their personalities and psychological make-up are revealed only through details they share. The intent is not to ‘humanize’ them, but rather to see them as human beings.” (J.R.) Jay Rosenblatt has been making films for the past 17 years, many of which have gone on to win numerous international awards and be screened all over the world. A long-time production teacher at S.F. State University, Jay will also screen his earlier films Short of Breath (1990) and Blood Test (1985).