Thursday, December 11, 1997

Filmmaking Before 1300

Presentation by Jerome Hiler

California College of the Arts

What we call cinema today is a celebration of a series of mechanical inventions over the past 100 years. Previous to that there had been perhaps innumerable situations in which light, color, projection and other effects were used to create environments of visual intensity where the inherent illusion of our perceptions were let loose. During the Middle Ages, the cathedrals of Europe were the grand theaters that reflected the life of the community. The vast dark space of their vaultings was the realm of the early artist in glass. Tonight we will sift through the dazzling shards of what is left in the black box of Medieval vision. Culling from my large collection of slides taken over several trips to Europe, we will meet the living presence of our own selves in another time. (J.H.)