Thursday, October 26, 1995

Films from Paris' Light Cone

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Film Curator at the American Center in Paris and founder of Scratch Projection and Light Cone (Europe’s most active distributor of alternative film), Yann Beauvais visits the Cinematheque with a program of films including: Vivian Ostrovsky’s Uta Makura (Pillow Poems) , on travelling to Japan; Beauvais’ New York Long Distance on the distance between memory and the image of this memory; Jean Michel Bouhours’ Vagues à Collioures which rhythmically breaks a dive into the sea; Miles McKane’s Atomic Frog, a virtual encounter of grain and animal motion; Christian Lebrat’s Trama, a play with patterns of light and color; and Maurice LeMaitre’s Un Navet, a questioning of found footage manipulation within a Dadaist tradition.