Thursday, May 21, 1998

FilmStories 2: Bunuel in Mexico + Nazarin

California College of the Arts

When Buñuel was fired from his job supervising the Spanish versions of Warner Bros. films in 1946, he left Hollywood for Mexico, where he began a fruitful phase of his career, making 21 films from 1946 to 1965. In A Mexican Buñuel, Emilio Maillé finds many of Buñuel’s friends and collaborators during this remarkable period in a portrait full of reminiscences and anecdotes told by Buñuel’s wife Jeanne, the actor who played Jaibo in Los Olvidados, and the peasant who rented out his land for Simon of the Desert, among many others. Followed at 8:30pm by Nazarin (1958), one of Buñuel’s own favorites, the story of a Christ-among-sinners whose good intentions run afoul, and who must ultimately face his own humanness in the sensual and sordid world around him.