Thursday, April 17, 1997

First Person Films from Colorado

California College of the Arts

Filmmaker Bruce Cooper will present a group of recent films by mostly emerging artists from the Denver-Boulder area. Many are graduates of the Film Studies program at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where Stan Brakhage, Phil Solomon, and Don Yannacito teach production. “Presented silently, the films envision romantic themes: the search for self and love, the holy night when inward eyes open; purity, decay and death; the return to earth & to the stars. Irony and disillusion are evident, yet an inspired vision of truth and beauty unreels through each film.” (BC) Filmmakers include Joey Thomasik, Eric Waldemar, Cori Chavez, Carl Fuerman, Jim Otis, Robert Schaller, Bruce Cooper, Tim Wilkins and Stan Brakhage.