Thursday, May 15, 1997

For Daniel by Ernie Gehr

California College of the Arts

Ernie Gehr will present his newest film, For Daniel (1996, 72 min., color, silent), in its first screening since the Berlin Film Festival premiere in February of this year. Ernie was the subject of a Cinematheque retrospective and monograph in 1993, and received the Adeline Kent Life Achievement award in 1995. “The title implies the work is for my son and that I am for him. My main interest in For Daniel is Daniel. In conjunction with that, one thing that moves me is the film’s casual, intimate, quiet, person-to-person, home-movie character; its focus on observing and celebrating little moments of every day life, such as a yawn, a smile, an expression of pain, a gesture here, a half gesture there, quiet acknowledgments of growth and metamorphosis, the passage of time.” (EG)