Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fragments, Reworkings, Trials And Unfinished…

California College of the Arts

“I am deeply anxious about the state of the world: the deadly confluence of easy access to intrusive database technologies, self-righteous fundamentalisms in East and West and environmental collapse on a massive scale. This combination fills me with apprehension on a daily basis, a sense of foreboding that I am attempting to express in my art work, while maintaining a sense of irony and hope.” Grahame Weinbren has been making films since the early seventies and has written and lectured internationally about cinema, interactivity and new technology. Tonight we feature Weinbren’s Frames; Cheap Imitations Parts II & III (Madwomen and Point Point); March Fragments (the endless middle), a farcical attempt to think about desire, obligation and responsibility; Turner on the Tyne, a film inspired by a JWM Turner painting, and Weinbren’s work-in-progress 25+ Letters, a series of short films that investigate an array of themes while loosely correlating to a letter of the alphabet. (Jenn Blaylock)

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