Friday, June 17, 2011

Barbara Hammer

Maya Deren's Sink and Generations

Roxie Theater

Maya Deren’s Sink (2011) by Barbara Hammer
A Co-Presentation of San Francisco Cinemathque and Frameline35

This evocative tribute to the mother of American avant garde film calls
forth the spirit of one who was larger than life as recounted by those
who knew her. Friends and contemporaries float through her homes,
recalling in tiny bits and pieces words of Deren’s architectural and
personal interior space. Clips from her films are projected back into
the spaces where they were originally filmed. Fluid light projections of
intimate space provide an elusive agency for a filmmaker most of us will
never know.

Generations by Gina Carducci and Barbara Hammer

In a time when digital dominates the art domain, a DIY aesthetic is
embraced by Gina Carducci, a young thirty-year-old filmmaker who hand
processes 16mm film and a seventy-year-old pioneer of queer experimental
cinema, Barbara Hammer. Hammer invites Carducci to collaborate on a new
film, Generations.

“Celebrating Hammer’s spontaneous shooting style and dense editing
montage with Carducci’s studied cinematography, the two filmmakers,
generations apart in age, shoot the last days of Astroland in Coney
Island, New York. The aged but vibrant amusement park, characteristic of
the 70-year-old Hammer, is a fitting environment for the photoplay of
the two Bolex filmmakers.” (BERLINALE)

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