Sunday, November 11, 1990


A Re-presentation

San Francisco Art Institute

pictured: Lights (1964-66) by Marie Menken

On Sunday afternoon during the current calendar Cinematheque will begin two special series as part of an ongoing effort to increase the availability of film and video work to Bay Area audiences.

Now in its second year, Another View re-screens film and video works recently shown within Cinematheque’s regular program. By showing works a second time and within different contexts, these screenings are an attempt to both widen the audience for film and video, as well as present an opportunity for works to be re-examined.

In addition to Another View, Cinematheque presents Framing Cinema: A Re-presentation, a new series created to give present-day audiences access to works from the history of cinema. By presenting works often canonized but seldom seen today, Cinematheque hopes to get these works off the shelves and engage them in a contemporary dialogue.

All shows begin at 5 pm, Sundays, at the San Francisco Art Institute, and are designed to run between 60 and 70 minutes There is a suggested donation of $2 to help keep the series running.

This program explores and addresses the act of recording. Focusing on particular events, places, or objects, these films raise the question of how “reality” is captured, mediated, and evoked in the process of re-presentation. New York El Trains (1897), & Brooklyn Bridge (1897) Lumiere Productions; Sirius Remembered (1959) by Stan Brakhage; 3/60: Trees During Autumn (1960) by Kurt Kren; Window (1964) by Ken Jacobs; Lights (1964-66) by Marie Menken; Notes On The Circus (1966) by Jonas Mekas; Boston Fire (1979) by Peter Hutton.