Sunday, March 9, 2003

Fresh Eyes: New Artists at Cinematheque

Program 8: Mama Said Knock You Out One More Time, The Media Manipulations of Art Jones

San Francisco Art Institute

Art Jones’ provocative music videos, documentaries on hip-hop history, and VJ collaborations with Soundlab, DJ Spooky and Anti-Pop Consortium all question the powers and politics invested in pop culture. From his work as a member of Not Channel Zero in the early ’90s to digital cross-pollinations with the new media collective ITEL, Jones challenges stale academic critiques of American commodity culture. Screening tonight are his digital music video trilogy Love Song #1 and Making the Video/Mama Said Knock You Out One More Time, an exploration of the making of media(ted) race and gender identities featuring LL Cool J. Jones also will present the world premiere of 711, an experimental documentary made during a residency in Hong Kong. A live VJ performance by Jones will knock you out at evening’s end. (Maïa Cybelle Carpenter)