Thursday, May 15, 2003

Fresh Eyes: New Artists at Cinematheque

Program 13: Landscape X-Ray

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Chicago-based Deborah Stratman is a filmmaker, teacher, artist and alchemist. With well-crafted picture and sound she scientifically documents the stoic crispness of the Icelandic landscape or the tell-no-tale blankness of suburban secured communities. Yet in transmuting this plain imagery-the leaden tool of appearances-she shows even more than meets the mind. As with an x-ray, you know that what is invisible is really there, from the wounded psyche to the history of peoples. After exposing the ominous safety of the Chicago suburbs, Stratman goes on to explore the vast Western power and radio broadcast grids in her Power/Exchange project with the Center for Land Use Interpretation. We will be screening: Palimpsest, Untied, From Hetty To Nancy, In Order Not To Be Here and Meet Adiljan (trailer). (Konrad Steiner)