Sunday, May 18, 2003

Fresh Eyes: New Artists at Cinematheque

Program 14: Beware the Image, Audio/Video and Electronics by Scott Arford

San Francisco Art Institute

In its constant and ever-renewing explorations of the detritus of electronic transmission-noise, interference, static and the pixel-the work of Scott Arford hovers at the extreme thresholds between the concrete and the abstract. His audio work and performances push sound far beyond the realms of music towards conditions of pure force and visceral experience, while his video work picks apart, distresses and shreds elements of televisual imagery in invasive explorations of electronic data. Arford’s first Cinematheque appearance will consist of the ominous surveillance tape Airports for Lights, Particles and Spaces; video noise installation documents Static Room and Manifst.; Airports2; a remixed season of the cable-access Fuck TV (made with Michael Contreras) and TV IV, a multi-monitor audiovisual feedback loop that he will perform live. (Steve Polta)