Thursday, October 10, 2002

Fresh Eyes: New Artists at Cinematheque

Program 2: Hand-Wrought Visions, Cade Bursell and Maïa Cybelle Carpenter

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

In this era of electronic/ digital media making, the films of Cade Bursell and Maïa Cybelle Carpenter delight in the tactility and sheer physicality of the essential elements of cinema. Their screens unite light, surface and gesture into textural fields of color and rhythm, within which appear fleeting and ephemeral suggestions of images. Manipulated by hand-via self-processing, hand-painting, home-made emulsions and other ‘direct cinema’ techniques-these films directly activate the senses and provide exhilarating visual and auditory experiences while meditating on desire and memory, history and politics. The program will include Carpenter’s Site Visit, The Shape of the Gaze and Sans Titre and Bursell’s Jump, Skate and the 35mm Test Sites. (Steve Polta)