Thursday, October 2, 1997

From The Bay and Beyond: I - Retroactive Connections

New films by Jerome Carolfi, Peggy Ahwesh, Robert Frank, Thad Povey and others

California College of the Arts

This first of two programs devoted to mostly new films and videos features work which combines often disparate footage (autobiographical, observational, theoretical) which is tied together through reflections on the material and subsequent life experience. Peggy Ahwesh’s the vision machine “…is a knockout…an inspired depiction of girls dressing up and acting out, pleased as punch to have taken over the screen” (Taubin, Village Voice); Jerome Carolfi’s As Far Away as Here is both a road movie and a bittersweet Valentine for a lost love; plus Robert Frank’s Flamingo; Bill Morrison’s Footprints; Thad Povey’s On Any Given Thursday and Ken Kobland’s The Shanghaied Text..