Thursday, October 16, 1997

From The Bay and Beyond II: Revelational Echoes

New Films by Matthias Mueller, Julie Murray, Kerry Laitala, Stan Brakhage and others

California College of the Arts

A program of new films dealing with notions of reverberating images and sounds, as revealing repetitions, subtle variations of captured gestures, or as unexpected schism. Matthias Mueller’s Pensao Globo portrays a man who faces his approaching death, following his last journey which ends in Lisbon; Julie Murray’s If you stand with your back to the slowing of the speed of light in water weaves together details recorded from New York life into a resonating tapestry of urban sensations; plus Through Wounded Eyes by Joel Haertling & Stan Brakhage, Retrospectroscope by Kerry Laitala, Figuren by Edward Schindler and Joyce Wieland’s sublime 1967 Sailboat.