Thursday, February 14, 2008

Video Valentines

George Kuchar/Anne McGuire

Artists' Television Access

Tonight! Anne McGuire and George Kuchar, two twinkling pixels of video art goodness, team up for a Valentine’s Day love fest, presenting a bountiful bouquet of voyeuristic melodrama, bemused tragicomedy, soap opera sentimentality and touching personal portraiture. Gorgeous George, the prowling, camcording everyman, presents new episodes of his continuous series of everyday video encounters, including The Legend of Creepy Hollow, VistaVisions, Centennial-a new weather diary (or sorts)-and a sure-to-be-special “new work of the new year.” The magnificent Ms. McGuire will present televisual meltdowns All Smiles and Sadness (featuring Kuchar) and I’m Crazy and You’re Not Wrong; her self-portrait-as-cyborg, When I Was a Monster; the stalkeriffic, SF Marina-lensed Joe DiMaggio 1, 2, 3; as well as Turntable and Wegman. Bring a date and overdose on the sweetness! (Steve Polta)

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