Saturday, May 3, 1997

George & Mike Kuchar's Reflections From a Cinematic Cesspool

San Francisco Art Institute

Join us for a publication screening/party for George and Mike Kuchar’s newly published Reflections From a Cinematic Cesspool (Zanja Press), “a humorous collection of autobiographical bile, literary lumps, low-budget film-making philosophy and tips…a joint reflection on their flickering universe and the famous and infamous who plop into it from time-to-time.” (GK) Filled with original illustrations by George and Mike Kuchar, a selection of never-before-seen photos, extensive filmographies, bibliography, and glossary, Reflections…will be available at a considerable discount at tonight’s party. Films shown will include The Gift of Gab (1997), Uncle Evil (1996), plus some rarely seen treats from the past by George, and The Bristled Dagger (1997), The Blue Banshee (1996) and some 16mm movies “decades old” by Mike.