Thursday, April 9, 1998

Girls' Ninety Night Out

Anie S8 Stanley and Guests

California College of the Arts

Postmodern Super 8 is to women, as S8 was to the 70s. In tonight’s program, a detour from posh 90s filmmaking, the ‘splicing circle’ discourse is on uninhibited sexuality (male dominated in the past with Super 8 porn and home movies). The dialogue of female hand to trigger is always evident: these women have stopped ‘gazing,’ and have put on the welding goggles. Some of us still take a gamble with splices to keep our integrity and aesthetic in the creative process; we are pioneers in a boy’s club of underground and experimental film. (AS). Curated by Anie Stanley; works by Anie Stanley, Patty Chang, Tessa Hughes-Freeland and Holly Adams, Jane Gang, Martha Colburn, Teri Rice and Candyland Productions.